Will of the Foundation

The progeny of those who established this foundation is the foundation and testament.

All the rights and laws of those who trust this foundation and its administrators and make their own choices and appreciations in order to spend their own resources on the foundation’s goals and objectives, have been entrusted to the foundation administrators under the supervision of Allah (swt) and the martyrdom of the Messenger of Allah (saas). Compliance with this trust is an obligation and an amenability. Otherwise, it is treason.

  1. The consent of Allah (cc) and the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) is our primary goal.

  2. In activities and services, conscientiousness and judgment are the language of the world of the unseen, and it is above everything else in responsibility.

  3. Contrary to the sanctions of Islam and the Sharia, no decision can be taken or practiced.

  4. The advice of our Muazzez Master, the boundaries of his profession and disposition cannot be violated.

  5. Consultation is essential and it is an obligation to comply with the rules and regulations.

  6. Giving the job to those who are competent is an order of religion, and it cannot be acted on otherwise.

  7. To act positively, not to be biased, not to sue the authority and not to use the opportunities for material and moral benefits; is our motto.

  8. Paying the utmost attention to the endowments and wills of the Ahl Hamiyet is both the law of Allah and the worship of the law.

  9. Compliance with official laws and decrees is essential

  10. Politics and trade cannot be made on behalf of the Foundation.

  11. The strongest and most powerful connection and relationship bonds of those who perform duties and services within the foundation are İhlas, Uhuvvet, conversation and the foundation’s charter.

  12. The principles of the Ihlas Risalesi are to preserve our internal unity and solidarity, and the principles of the Uhuvvet Treatise are; It is the constitution of our contact with other communities.

  13. To make use of scientific facts as laws of custom; it is the occasion of teali and progress

  14. Not to restrict freedoms and to act democratically; essential element of stability

  15. It is a privilege to realize that difference is a blessing to God, and to realize that it causes the emergence of truth and the realization of divine will.

  16. Compliance with the electoral system is an ideal form of administration for that unit and service, when people of the Ahl-i Hal and Akit stand out and the majority of them are accompaniment.

  17. Hierarchy; Since the law is divine, the management and administration of the foundation cannot be neglected.

  18. It is not described, written down and taught to its addressees; nothing can be law and account is not questioned.

  19. As long as the spirituality prevails over the matter, the stability in the case will not be lost and the enthusiasm for service will not be interrupted.

  20. Statements cannot be trusted. Decisions cannot be made without investigation and examination.

  21. It is never permissible to act with feelings and desires. Issues that do not have solid intellectual foundations cannot be taken into consideration.

  22. The damage done to the foundation, the minimum commons and the system can never be forgiven.

  23. The basis for deductions and promotions; should be elements of study, success and specialization.

  24. Peace rights; activities and studies in other fields should be arranged in a way that does not envy the personnel. However; While these rights are given, the spirit of sacrifice should not be killed.

  25. It should not be forgotten that as the authorities and ranks rise, their responsibilities and obligations will increase accordingly.

To comply with the aforementioned rules and rules and to fulfill them; As long as he continues in this service, it is a duty and a duty on the future administrators and responsibles of this foundation, on behalf of Allah and the Messenger of Allah (saas), as well as everyone who has rights and rights in the foundation.

Witness it….

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