Our History

Foundation Tradition

The tradition of foundation is a valuable system that has a past as old humanity and even the universe;

The universe and the things in it were created and divided in this sense. And everything above is permanent and ancient, without expecting anything in return, in accordance with this tradition.

That is, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the atmosphere, the Earth, the plants and animals in it, all; They were created and commissioned by Allah based on renunciation and self-sacrifice.

This law also showed itself in the notification, and since Adam (a.s.), all prophets, religions and books including the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) were reserved in accordance with the same tradition, without expecting anything in return. In other words, these great men of litigation expected their wages only from Allah and worked expecting nothing in return.

This tradition was carried to the most perfect level in our ancestors. So people; This truth, which has been systematically developed since Adam (pbuh) in order to bring it closer to the truth of renunciation and self-sacrifice, which is at the core of nature, was replenished in the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and its most ideal examples were presented. Our ancestors, on the other hand, carried out this tradition in detail, de facto and as a system, with perfection.

This last point has become clichéd in the Ottoman foundation tradition as follows:

A needy person was born in a foundation house, he was breastfed by a foundation mother, he was educated in foundation schools and became a professional, he was married by the foundation in case of need, and if he fell ill, he was treated in foundation healing houses. When he died, he was buried in a foundation coffin, in a foundation cemetery.”

Although the tradition of foundation, which has reached this level, has been regressed due to the interests and struggle-oriented upbringing of people;

As one of the good examples of this excellent tradition, the Suffa Foundation started to work in 1982 with a group of skilled people who are caring and passionate about the cause. These studies and activities; It was officially established as the Suffa Foundation in 1990 and gave its results. Hopefully at the beginning of the history; In keeping with the custom and tradition, it will continue its activities on behalf of a representative of that cause, with the permission and grace of Allah (swt).

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