Neighborhood; need is an indispensable requirement for unity and togetherness. It is because of that, that it has such a precious place in our civilization and so need and neighboring will always inherit each other.

The neighborhood of nations and states to each other, In proportion to their size, their value and importance will also be great. For this reason, our desire to share the aim and ideal of our foundation with other nations and people of the country imposes duties and responsibilities on us in these areas as well. We are trying to fulfill this duty with our institution called Enderun Foreign Relations.

We carry out our service activities in Europe and Africa through two associations.

  1. Enderun International Youth and Civilization Association (European Continent)

  2. African Friendship Association ADDER (Africa Continent)


1. Enderun International Youth and Civilization Association (European Continent)

History is the field of nations. Every society reaps in the future what it has sown in the past.

The historical consciousness is the memory of a nation; He who loses his memory loses everything.

We set out on this blessed and arduous journey to share the riches of our history with today’s youth, and to convey the values ​​of our ancient civilization, full of light and peace, to all segments of society, especially to our youth, who are the guarantors of our future, and to our relatives living in Europe.

We established the ENDERUN INTERNATIONAL YOUTH AND CIVILIZATION ASSOCIATION with the aim of carrying out national and international studies to bring the youth to a bright future with national, spiritual, historical, and cultural consciousness.

2. African Friendship ADDER (Africa Continent)

AFRICAN FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATION; The mission of the African Friendship Association is to strengthen the technical, social, and cultural ties between Turkey and African countries. Additionally, it aims to further develop existing friendly relations, to support individuals and organizations working on this subject, to introduce our country’s culture to African students studying in Turkey, while also teaching African culture in Turkey. The association is a non-profit and non-political Non-Governmental Organization that works to promote the goals mentioned above.

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