Substance abuse is one of the most important problems faced by all countries in the world. This problem has been increasing in Turkey in recent years, especially among the young population, and this increase shows how prevalent this problem truly is in Turkey. It is reported that the most appropriate programs that can help in solving the problem of substance use are prevention and early intervention programs.

First, for prevention programs to be successful, it is necessary to identify children and adolescents at risk, and to know which individual and environmental factors pose a risk for substance use in adolescence.

Substance abuse is not just a one-dimensional issue within the health dimension. Substance abuse has many social, legal, familial, and administrative aspects apart from health. Depending on this multi-faceted problem, it is a necessity to deal with substance addiction prevention activities from a multi-faceted perspective. In this context, important responsibilities fall on governments, non-governmental organizations, families, and citizens.

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