Qur'an Activities

Using the opportunities of the century and technology; It is a compassion and mercy-centered unit established to live and keep alive both the wording of the Qur’an and its meaning and content.

“Read what has been revealed to you from the book of your Lord!” (Kahf: 27) verse-i karîma and the Glorious Translator of the Holy Qur’an, Orator of Humanity, Imam of Believers, Hz. “The best of you is the one who learns and teaches the Qur’an,” declared by Muhammad. Our Qur’an Courses, which set out with the aim of gaining the glory of the Hadith, are to protect our generations from the strife and sins of our times, to be instrumental in living a life in the direction of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and to work day and night to ensure that they become exemplary people who are moral, wise and in love with their homeland and nation and are continuous with these activities.

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