From the creation of humans; In proportion to their cultures, levels, and developments, they have been addressed to celestial truths.

The first contact started with the notification of Adam (a.s), who had the characteristics of the core and nucleus. Later, material and spiritual perfection, like seeds, was developed through the messengers and prophets who were sent successively, and our Master, the Prophet of the End Times (pbuh), found his final point of perfection.

Islam, the Qur’an and the prophethood of Ahmadiyya (pbuh) have been validated in the eyes of truth and registered with the stamp of ijaz.

Until the Day of Judgment, the people who will come; The Qur’an, who is the guarantor of all his material and spiritual, worldly, and otherworldly matters, continues through the guides, mujaddids and mujtahids, the surety and protection of the cause of Islam and prophecy.

For the transfer and guidance of this surety and protection to the understanding of this century, the truth of faith has been equipped and adopted in terms of the fundamentals of Islam, by way of the Risale-i Nur corpus of His Excellency Bediuzzaman.

As the Suffa Foundation, on one side of this caravan of notification in the End Times, within the framework of possibilities; It has been engaged in teaching services since its establishment. And I hope they will continue this duty with their institutions and qualified litigants until the end of the day.”