Some important, general, and wide-ranging activities and services of the SUFFA FOUNDATION and associations that carry out activities as stakeholders within it, which are not in the field of interest or are not allowed by the opportunities; performs in accordance with the charter and principles of the establishment.

Our Confederation, While performing good and beneficial works for our country in accordance with its mission and vision, also implements studies and programs that it deems useful when needed as international activities.

The said programs ocur annually, and the foundation aims to do them in a limited but succinct fashion.

It acts according to the common denominator and common understanding of our nation and country.

In connection with the Suffa Foundation, it plans the studies in which it deems necessary and performs it in the said programs.



In particular, in matters and events that concern our country, our people and the general public, it (the programs) carries out beneficial works, activities, and organizes programs on behalf of the country and nation.



For the realization of the purpose and purpose of our Confederation; It performs its duties with enthusiasm and zeal by using all kinds of opportunities, places, equipment, qualified personnel, institutions and organizations and technological opportunities in the legal and legitimate circle, based on the time of admission.

Of the Suffa Foundation. In accordance with its mission and vision, it plans and realizes some of its wide and public services in our country and abroad as a stakeholder unit in accordance with the founding philosophy of the Suffa Foundation and the charter of the confederation.