About Us

In order to be beneficial to all humanity by pushing their means to the maximum extent possible for the realization of the aims and purposes stated in its charter; with the associations, institutions, institutional structures it has established, the staff it has allocated and qualified personnel; It is the unit that is directed and managed by obeying the rules of giving the job to the competent, hierarchy and consultation.



Foundation Administration:

  • Directs and manages all activities and works of the Foundation,
  • Prepares and implements the working principles of all personnel,
  • Keeps the foundation’s budget and accounts of income and expenses,
  • Performs all kinds of work related to real estate,
  • Represents the Foundation in official institution settings,
  • Follows all works related to other official institutions and organizations, which are our working partners and stakeholders,
  • Prepares, updates and follows the regulations,
  • Deals with all social and financial needs of the working personnel and Works to produce solutions,
  • Organizes and distributes the donations and aids to the proper addressees,
  • Organizes student scholarship studies and activities,
  • Makes all kinds of studies and follow-ups related to the guesthouses.
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